Half the world’s people lack access to essential health services

ADP helps low- and middle-income countries ensure that people in need have access to new vaccines, diagnostics and medicines for malaria, tuberculosis and neglected tropical diseases

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Implementation research is important, but very little is being done to strengthen this expertise in Indonesia. We are hoping that ADP can support us in developing this capacity, which is critical to the elimination of infectious diseases.
Agus Suprapto
Head of the Centre for Research and Development of Public Health Efforts, Ministry of Public Health
ADP can help in promoting coordination and cooperation between the different national institutions in working towards achieving UHC
Dr. Mardiati Nadjib
Member of the national HTA Committee, Ministry of Public Health, Indonesia
UNDP is guided by the principle that health and development are interlinked; hence, addressing inequalities in people’s access to health and other basic services is a core aspect of our work.
Christophe Bahuet
Country Director, UNDP Indonesia
The ADP promotes an integrated and coordinated approach towards access and delivery of health technologies… and supports and complements [Indonesia’s] national needs and priorities. I believe these are extremely important strategic approaches. I think there are important synergies that can – and should– be built between the implementation of the President’s decree [on the Promotion of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry] and the work that is being undertaken by the ADP and its partners.
Edy Putra Irawady
Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry Coordination, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
ADP takes a systemic approach to improve the decision-making capacity of countries to choose, develop and deliver health technologies that are suited to that particular country’s context. This approach is very much in line with the holistic approach taken by the AU Commission.
Dr.Marie-Goretti Harakeye
Head of Division, Social Affairs Department, African Union Commission, April 2015
The ultimate results of [ADP-supported capacity-building] effort shall be a strong and integrated health system and also increased access to and efficient delivery of new technologies for health.
Dr Mwelecele N Malecela
Director General, National Institute for Medical Research, March 2015
The objectives and proposed activities of the ADP are consistent with the approaches that we have taken in addressing TB, malaria and NTDs. I am confident that the work of the Partnership will make an important contribution to the efforts of the government.
Prof. Agus Purwadianto
Former Senior Adviser to the Minister of Health Indonesia, Government of Indonesia, February 2014
The support the Ghana National Drug Programme has received from the ADP in reviewing the [new] National Medicines Policy has been very valuable and timely. This policy is set to change the face of the pharmaceutical sector of Ghana
Edith Gavor
Programme Manager, Ghana National Drugs Programme, Ministry of Health, November 2015
What the ADP seeks to do is to develop national capacities to address the range of issues along the value chain of access and delivery – from raising awareness of the need for an enabling policy and legal environment, to developing capacity for decision-making on resource allocation for procurement of health technologies, for assessing the needs and capacity of the domestic industry to meet the national demand, as well as the need for an efficient supply and delivery chain.
Marie-Goretti Harakeye Ndayisaba
Head of Division, Social Affairs Department, African Union Commission
Better understanding of the implications of inter-related and inter-linked issues, coupled with better communications and coordination between the government agencies and stakeholders will be crucial in developing a conducive framework for ensuring sustainable, affordable access to health technologies.
Lebogang Motlana
Director, UNDP Regional Service Centre for Africa
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