TDR Implementation research toolkit (Second edition)

This toolkit is designed to help you conduct an implementation research (IR) project through a standard process so that you have high quality results that are reliable. Before you get started, we recommend you read the “How to use this Toolkit” section. It is also advisable to take the TDR Massive Open Online Course on IR for a foundation knowledge of IR.

New You can now rate your own IR competency using a new Self-assessment tool

This Toolkit will help you to...

  • Identify barriers to implementation and formulate the research question
  • Make your case for funding
  • Set up a study design with appropriate methodologies
  • Plan the project (budget, personnel, timelines, monitoring and evaluation)
  • Collect, analyse and present research information
  • Develop a dissemination plan
  • Monitor and evaluate your research project

Who is this Toolkit designed for...?

  • Health care service providers
  • Programme staff
  • Researchers
  • Decision-makers
  • Finance and administration officers
  • Media

Over 200 researchers, disease control programme managers, policy-makers, health administrators, academics, communication scientists and journalists helped test and evaluate this toolkit.

Originally developed by TDR in collaboration with USAID and the Implementation Research Platform at the World Health Organization, this enhanced version has been produced with the support of the Access and Delivery Partnership through the United Nations Development Programme.

TDR Implementation research toolkit(Second edition)

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